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RivaCase 7915 Light Grey Laptop Sleeve 15.6" with Handles

RivaCase 7915 Light Grey Laptop Sleeve 15.6" with Handles

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These days it is beyond crucial to keep your daily items housed in an environment that will prevent any kind of moisture from entering and causing damage to your electronic devices. They are simply too vital and integral to our day-to-day lives to be taking any chances with whatsoever. That is why we have made sure that this Anvik collection comes with its own high-quality water-resistant tweed material, so that you can have the confidence to go about your day with the knowledge that your most precious of possessions are safely housed in your bag, and will be from the start to the end of your journey, no matter the weather conditions.


You want to be able to keep your valuable electronic devices in tip-top condition at all times. Making sure that they remain presentable is making sure that you appear presentable in your meetings and in your day to day life. This is easier said than done though, and often after periods of long use our devices can end up with many scuff and scratch marks on them. That is why with this Anvik range we have made sure that it comes with its own protective plush interior lining to keep your items safe and secure inside and presentable for your meeting ahead that day.


When designing our sleeves we didn’t want it just to appear like your device was neatly and snugly tucked away in a safe environment, we wanted that to actually be the case in reality. Too often it is easy for manufacturers to create a product that on the surface looks great but which in actuality lets you down. That is why this Anvik sleeve comes with its own flap-over protectors which have been specially made to securely fix laptop corners in place and protect from accidental bumps. So you can travel around with the ease of mind that everything is fixed securely in place and your device is well protected.


Sometimes we all might want to relieve our pockets of the many items that can end up weighing them down or spoiling the lines of our suit or trousers. And of course, along with your device, there is a myriad of other bits of technology - charges, dongles, headphones, etc that you need to be able to have with you at all times. That is why, along with the main compartment, we have included a smart back zipped pocket so that you can niftily tuck away those extra bits you have with you and remain fully prepared for the day ahead.


There is nothing worse than starting off on a long journey knowing that it's going to be an uncomfortable one. Any measures you can take to mitigate this will always be welcome. One aspect that can always lead to a great deal of discomfort is the handles that have been poorly designed and poorly constructed and which end up cutting into your hands or arms when carrying even remarkably light loads. In order to prevent this kind of thing from occurring, we have introduced comfortable padded handles - something that your hands will be sure to thank you for on your daily commute!
Product Features:

• Series of sleeves ideal for most popular laptops, Ultrabooks and Tablets
• Plush interior lining
• Manufactured of high-quality water-resistant material
• Inner corner protectors. Flap-over protectors are made to securely fix laptop corners and protect from accidental bumps.
• Back zipped pocket for mobile phone, business cards, accessories
• Comfortable padded handles

Laptops, Ultrabooks up to 15.6”.
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