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RivaCase 5532 Blue Lite Urban Laptop Bag 16"

RivaCase 5532 Blue Lite Urban Laptop Bag 16"

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Some of your items you want to be able to quickly store away at a moment's notice without continually having open and close the main compartment of your bag. This is often the case with things like your phone, charger or a small note pad. That is why we have created this Mestalla bag with two capacious front zippered pockets so that you can niftily tuck away your items. And because we don't want to take any chances with these things we have made certain that these belongings will remain secure with a zipper cover to protect them.


Many bags these days fail to straddle the careful balance needed between compactness and space. They are either created so large that they become cumbersome and unwieldy and have unnecessary extra space you do not need, or they are so compact that you can hardly fit anything into them at all. We at RIVACASE though know the importance of practicality. That is why we have made sure that this Mestalla bag strikes the perfect balance in that it offers you more than enough space for all of your belongings, but not so much that you feel you are carrying a suitcase around with you!


When selecting a laptop bag it is crucial to choose one that has been designed with the safety of your main device, your laptop, being paramount. Too often you see brands that sacrifice this inarguable priority in favor of some kind of recent fashion trend. This is not the case with this Mestalla laptop bag that is one of the largest in our range and can fit laptops up to 16" in dimensions. A specially designed laptop pocket will ensure that your device remains securely fitted in place and prevents it from the damage that can be caused to it if it is left rattling around at the bottom of your bag. (We recommend to use a laptop sleeve for additional protection).


In many ways, a bag is only as good as its handles. A bay with flimsy, thin, and poorly made handles can lead to them digging into your fingers, marking your hands, and make the whole business of carrying the bag around an absolute misery. Not only this but should these badly designed handles begin to break away from the bag proper, then you can be left with a real nuisance on your hands. That is why this bag has been made with sturdy handles to make the carrying of your bag as easy and smooth as possible.


There is nothing worse than a single zipper that has been badly designed and which will always ultimately let you down at the worst of times, rendering your bag useless. Not only this but single zippers can prove a real bind when it's dark outside and you're struggling to get hold of it. This Mestalla laptop bag circumvents this issue by coming with dual softly stitched zipper pulls for added comfort, for ease of access to your belongings, and so that they are sure not to let you down when you need them most.


Sometimes when you are moving around an airport or train station or even when simply on your daily commute, you need an extra hand or two free to carry your other items. That is where the detachable shoulder strap on this Mestalla bag comes in use. Adjustable, so that you can make sure that it is the perfect fit, it is an absolutely essential added device for anyone who needs to maximize the adaptability of their journey ahead. Simply slip it over your shoulder and be on your way.


There is nothing worse than a bag that is made with poorly designed clips and buckles. Inevitably these things end up letting you down at the worst of moments leaving your bag to crash to the ground and leading to the damage of your all-important devices housed inside. We at RIVACASE take the safety of your devices incredibly seriously and that is why we have made sure that this Mestalla bag comes with sturdy clips so that you can be robust with your bag and still be safe in the knowledge that you can trust it, no matter the length of the journey or weight of the bag.


Not only does this bag take supreme care of your main device, your laptop, but it also sacrifices nothing in the way of attention to your other items that you need day in day out. An internal zippered pocket inside the bag is the perfect place to slot in a wallet or notepad and know that they will be somewhere you can find them at all times. This will help keep you organized in your day ahead, allowing you to optimize it for your own benefit, and keep you in a relaxed and present mood.


Everyone knows the struggle of having to scrabble around in the bottom of a bag to look for that pair of keys or wallet or purse. This is made even worse if the light is poor and the bag is dark. Luckily this bag's vibrant color scheme and cleverly contrasting interior lining mean that this problem will be made far easier to overcome. So no longer will you be left cursing yourself and stuck outside your home in the rain or unable to get into your car after a long journey. It's the small design elements like this that help make the Mestalla range supremely convenient to use.


These days it is absolutely crucial that we keep moisture out from the inside of our bags and away from our electronic devices. Unfortunately, while technology has moved on significantly in recent years, our devices still remain highly susceptible to water damage. And so, given the importance they hold and the centrality that they have to our lives, in both our professional and social worlds, it was vital for us to design a bag that could prevent damage from this risk. That is why this bag is made out of a water-repellent fabric that is sure to keep your items safe and dry inside.
Ultralight urban Laptop bag up to 16".

Product Features:

• Ultralight colorful urban bag with laptop compartment up to 16".
• Multi use bag for your daily commute.
• Manufactured using high-quality water-repellent material. The interior is made of contrasting yellow lining.
• Apart from laptop compartment, the bag has a spacious section for documents and zipper pocket for a passport and wallet.
• Two hidden front pockets for accessories, business cards and smartphone.
• Dual zipper pulls for easy, quick access.
• Carry comfortably with padded handles and a removable, adjustable strap.
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