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Cable Bind System BIS STARLOCK II

Cable Bind System BIS STARLOCK II

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Multipurpose Cable Binder • Easy and Quick to use • Always exact cable length • No loss of material • Wide range of applications • Made in Japan for Walraven, Netherland

BIS STARLOCK II from  Walraven, Netherland:

Ideal for batch fixing large quantities of cables.

Ideal for any sizes, even huge sizes where regular cable tie length is not sufficient.

Tightens strip and cuts redundant part

Black Cables are UV resistant and is ideal for outdoor.

BIS STARLOCK II with tightening lever, supplied as start set in a case


Cable strap made of PA6 (polyamide)

Locking clips made of POM (polyoxymethylene)

Cable strap:

Tensile strength 15 kg (safety factor 1:2)

UV-resistant (black)

Temperature resistance up to approx. 70 °C


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