Velbon Tripod Sherpa Carbon Fibre CF435,Quality Professional Carbon Fibre Tri[pod

Velbon Tripod Sherpa Carbon Fibre CF435

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The velbon sherpa pro cf-435 is a quality, Professional carbon fibre tripod with three section multi angle legs. The velbon sherpa pro 435 is a light weight aluminum tripod. Featuring 3 section legs with foam grips and semi low angle postions. This tripod is suitable for digital slrs. Foam leg grips and anti-twist legs with extension markings. Also features a sliding, splittable and removable column, Particularly useful if linked up to an optional hide mount. Lightweight yet sturdy carbon fibre tripod with aluminium body for amateurs and advanced photographers alike. Great for travelling. split center column to enable the tripod to use as "grounder" very sturdy even when used at maximum height. Features unique inner pipe system making the legs sturdier and stops rotation when the locking nuts are tightened or loosened. Each leg is individually adjustable, Enabling the tripod to achieve its ideal position even on difficult terrain.

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