Velbon Tripod,Compact Ultra Luxi L II,Innovative,Modern,Compact and Ideal

Velbon Tripod Compact Ultra Luxi L II

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Innovative, modern, compact and ideal for your digital equipment. maxi & luxi tripods are the velbon supermodels to have on your arm!
Tripods of ultra series features the patented trunnion shaft system (tss). that means each leg extends the entire inside length of the outer leg casing, making the tripod extremely compact when folded.
The ultra tripods additionally features the unique, patented velbon “twist lock” leg system– a simple quick twist and pull allows you to extend each leg in on movement. another twist locks the leg.
The velbon ultra luxi-l ii is an ideal traveling tripod. light, yet sturdy to carry a dslr camera system. when the lower center column is detached, the tripod has a minimum working height of 19cm. ideal for close-up or macro photography.

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