Velbon Quickshoe QB4LC,Ease of chaning cameras and allows one camera to be used.

Velbon Quickshoe QB4LC

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Replacement quick release platform, ideal as a spare, For ease of changing cameras on your tripod,Can be left attached to the camera.

Allows more than one camera to be used with a tripod without the need to remove the quick release platform

A quick release plate can be kept attached to the camera's base and allows the user to quickly and easily attach or remove the camera from the tripod without having to waste time fumbling with the threaded mount.

For over 50 years the name VELBON has been recognised as a leader in the design, development and manufacture of tripods and tripod accessories. Velbon has the distinction of being the largest specialised manufacturer of tripods and offers a quality line of products to help meet the needs of the beginner as well as experienced professional photographer. Whether you need a tripod for still camera - 35mm, medium format and large format, digital camera, video camera, binoculars or scopes, Velbon has a model with the quality, craftsmanship and exact features to meet your needs.

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