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RivaCase Urban Multi use Backpack 20L Black

RivaCase Urban Multi use Backpack 20L Black

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These days you do not want to be taking any risks with your personal belongings and the contents of your bag. We all carry with us multiple items that remain susceptible to water damage. This is the kind of damage that can not only ruin your day but potentially your month or year so it is crucial that you take the necessary precautions. That is why with this Erebus collection you are provided with a high-quality water repellent fabric that will keep the water out and the things on the inside dry and safe.


This backpack walks the very carefully considered line between space and practicality. It is not so large that it becomes a hugely cumbersome bag that you feel you have to lug about with you and which seems to always have extra unnecessary space. But it is also not such a small bag that you constantly feel like you are having to stuff in that extra item just to make sure you have everything you need. It is both compact making it easy to get about the place but it is also capacious enough that you can carry with you everything you need.


The very roomy compartment for documents and accessories found inside the backpack also features an organizer panel so that you can know where all of your important often-used items like your wallet, phone or notepad is at all times of the day and are not left frustrated or embarrassed while having to scrabble in the bottom of your bag looking for them. And it also features a detachable key strap so that you know where that all-important set of house keys is so that you can get in the door and put up your feet as soon as possible.


There are not one but two side pockets on this bag because we know that there are certain items that are necessary for you to carry with you but which you might not necessarily wish to take with you on the inside of your bag. One of these is an umbrella which after use will obviously be covered in moisture, and the other is a water bottle which obviously always runs the risk of not being fastened correctly leading to potentially disastrous consequences. But these two side pockets enable you to get round both issues and take these crucial items with you on your journey.
Product Features:

• 20L Colorful urban backpack.
• Multiuse backpack for college, travel and outdoor activities.
• The interior is made of contrasting lining.
• Manufactured using high-quality water-repellent material.
• Spacious storage compartment for clothes and more your items on your daily commute.
• Inner compartment for a 15.6” laptop (we recommend to use a laptop sleeve for additional protection).
• Dual zipper pulls for quick and easy access.
• Two front zipped pockets for smartphone, pens, accessories and removable carabiner for keys.
• Hidden pocket on the back for passport or wallet.
• Comfortable shoulder straps with softened bands will make you feel comfortable even on the longest journey.
• The backpack has 2 side-pockets for a bottle of water or an umbrella.
• Strap management system prevents excess strap material from dangling.
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