OMRON Elite E2 Pain Therapy Device
OMRON Elite E2 Pain Therapy Device

OMRON Elite E2 Pain Therapy Device

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With 9 auto therapy modes and 4 special modes to choose from, it can adapt your pain treatment according to your preference and pain symptoms.

OMRON E2 ELITE neurostimulator ENS is device for domestic use. The device is used for muscle massage and pain relief. Massage takes place in 3 stimulation modes: pressure, tapping, massage. The intensity and frequency of the impulses can be regulated. There are 9 special stimulation programs provided directly for shoulders, back, joints, arms / legs and feet, acute pain, tired arms, swollen and tired legs, painful or stiff lower back. The device has a channel with 2 electrodes. The device also includes alkaline batteries and E-plus washable electrodes.

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