Ledlenser Headlamp SEO7 with 1 X Cree LED Blister  -Blue
Ledlenser Headlamp SEO7 with 1 X Cree LED Blister  -Blue
Ledlenser Headlamp SEO7 with 1 X Cree LED Blister  -Blue
Ledlenser Headlamp SEO7 with 1 X Cree LED Blister  -Blue

Ledlenser Headlamp SEO7 with 1 X Cree LED Blister -Blue

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Keep your hands free, stay safe and reclaim the dark with this brilliant head torch from Ledlenser. Combining a contemporary design with light optics and world-class torch technology, this hands-free lamp has so many features that users might be forgiven for immediately wanting to handle them. It incorporates the patented Advanced Focus System, micro-controlled Smart Light Technology and Mains/USB re-charging, making it one of the best-equipped head torches for any active outdoor enthusiast. On the front it has a wipe-clean, IPX4-waterproof housing containing a high end white LED, which is powerful that it can deliver 220 lumens brightness up to 130 m– further than the length of a football pitch. This light can be swiveled within an angle of 90 degrees and focused between near-distance flood and far-distance spot illumination. Patented technology ensures that the user will at all times experience a consistent, high quality beam without the dark holes or rings that can strain or interrupt vision on inferior head torches. There is also a glare-free red LED offering protection and comfortable adjustment to night vision. An additional safety feature is that the casing glows in use so that others can safely see the wearer, even from some distance away (depending on conditions). The SEO7R also has its own internal microchip enabled light management system, with four different light modes: Power, Dim 100-15 per cent, Signal plus optisense; which automatically adjusts output according to the available ambient light. Power for all this technology comes with USB rechargeable lithium battery and belt-hook.

  • Rechargeable, lightweight LED head lamp with bright white light plus glare-free red light to protect night vision.
  • Advanced focus system optics. Patented reflector and lens combination for intense spot (distance) or flawless flood (near) illumination.
  • Smart Light Technology (SLT) – Power, low power, signal light options.
  • Washable, replaceable, anti-allergic headband colour-coded to match lamp head.
  • Casing glows when in use - see and be seen.

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